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Casino games types
bonus slot

If you have ever been to an ordinary casino or heard the stories from your friends, you know that there are a lot of games to enjoy there. For some people, especially those unfamiliar with gambling, this abundance of activities may seem confusing and even frustrating. However, behind the seemingly complex and varied structure of a typical casino, there's a rather simple classification of all the games you can enjoy there. Fact is that there are three main types of casino activities: slots, random number and table games. There are a lot of variations and sub-types to these categories, yet the main principle is usually unchanged. Regardless, whether you play classic or bonus slot, keno or roulette, blackjack or poker, the main characteristics of each game type is the same and different types of players will stick to their preferred kind of activity.

Games of chance

Games of chance are known in nearly all societies and have seen a long evolution from their most basic forms to the astonishing variety of New Jersey casino games we have today. The main characteristic of any game of chance is that its outcome cannot be predicted. Gambling is actually based on this principle, and you will find a lot of games using it in a particular form. Roulette, slots, keno, craps and other popular random number games all exploit the principle of chance and involve little or no skill in their gameplay. It may seem like a frustrating feature to some, but it's actually the very thing that makes gambling so exciting and addictive sometimes. The rules are usually simple and the winning combination is determined by pure chance, so everyone playing the game has an equal chance of winning or losing it. That's exactly what games of chance are all about.

Live roulette

live roulette

One of the best examples of a random number game is roulette. It is even a symbol of gambling in popular culture, with many people actually thinking that it's the only reason for visiting a casino. Of course, there are many other activities to be found both in real-world and online gambling rooms. Nevertheless, roulette remains to be the most attractive game in the selection, as it's a true manifestation of pure chance. You don't need any skills to play the game and your chances of winning are determined only by the position of the ball when the wheel stops spinning. Sure, people try to develop strategies and techniques for making the right bets and raising their odds of getting the prize. Yet it doesn't make any sense as you can't predict the winning number unless you have supernatural abilities. This applies to all versions of this game, including online live roulette, software simulation roulette and of course, real-world roulette.

Slot games

While being classified under a distinct category, slot las vegas online casinos games also represent a type of random number games. Only that in slots, the element that is randomized is the picture on the bar, not the number. Depending on the type of slots you're playing there are different odds of winning, as the number of pictures per bar and the number of bars will differ from one blackjack cards machine to another. Even so, you can never predict the exact combination of pictures after pulling the lever or pushing the spin button, just like with any game of chance such as roulette or keno.

Detailed Reviews of the Top 5 Online Casinos
#1 - Bookmaker Casino

Bookmaker is the complete package. Decent first time deposits and even better re-up bonuses. Rewards programs and access to sports betting, full poker room and even bingo.
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#2 - BoDog Casino

BoDog is always known as 'cool'. They understand what the modern online gamer wants. New types of gambling, mobile betting, easy to use site and software. Big bonuses and more.
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#3 - BetOnline Casino

Bet a part of the BetOnline party. Biggest bonuses and promotions combined of any online casino. Get 25% free cash with every deposit, rebate program for all players, special high roller bonuses and daily promotions.
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#4 - Intertops Red

Part of a big brand online gaming sites. Intertops Red is the latest online casino offering. Boating over 300 games, 5 versions of blackjack and huge progressives. Get $100 free with $100 deposit. Click here to play...


#5 - Inetbet Casino

Inetbet offers genrous bonuses and a top online casino platform. Get the best of both worlds in a trusted online casino management. Easy deposits and withdrawals.
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#1 - Bingo Mania

The best online bingo by far. Bingo Mania now offers a 200% first deposit bonus up to $200, 50% on all deposits and special day bonuses of 150%. Excellent software and bingo options.
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#2 - 123 Bingo Online

The king of online bingo bonuses. First of all you receive $25 free just to try them out and then a whopper of a bonus, 1000% of your first deposit. They offer more free than any other online bingo site.
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#1 Poker - Lock Poker

The biggest percentage bonus in online poker. Get a 150% bonus where you receive up to $750 free. Lock Poker will be become the new big site in online poker. More perks and promotions than anywhere else. A good place to start playing have extra cash to play with and they take U.S. players. Click here to play...


#2 Poker - Bodog Poker

Highly rated in all categories, this site has it all. Get big bonuses, easy gameplay and tons of poker game options. Always a poker game, always a promotion and always a way to win even more. Safe and secure, this site is worth a look.
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