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US Lottery Syndication - It Just Pays Well!

Lottery syndicates have a very varied perception around the world. Many feel that playing within a syndicate is futile as winning will never be as lucrative as single ticket wins, with many players not willing to part or share their mega lottery winnings. On the other hand, and on the upside of playing within a syndicate - players are then able to purchase a great deal more lottery tickets and share the cost of playing across various games to improve the overall chance of a win - and that's not even to mention the great social aspect of playing and participating in a group. Although there are positives and negatives to all, statistically speaking, lottery syndicates tend to achieve a fair amount of overall success. One such group has been the first winners from West Virginia for 2015. The successful group of 5 workers from Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority became the state's first lottery winners of the year with their successful claim of a Mega Millions win on January 9th. What's even more unbelievable is that this would be the ladies' syndicate, known as The Fabulous Five's first attempt at a group game. Syndicate leader Brenda Rader from South Charleston explains, "We play separately, but this is the first time we've played as a group; we are the fabulous five."

The ladies purchased a total of 25 tickets for the draw and walk away with a win of $1 million - which they each receive a total of $137,000 of. Successful individual players, and each having won singularly before, the ladies decided to form a syndicate as:

"I don't know; it just felt right. It was the New Year, we'd never done it before, it was fun to play and I had just won two dollars a couple of days before that, so I felt like the iron was hot," says Ms. Rader.

It took some time for Ms. Rader to convince her co-workers of her spectacular win as they couldn't believe that they'd struck it lucky on their very first time playing as a group. Rader went on to tell lottery officials that she is keeping her lucky lotto windfall safe for now until she decides how to use it:

"I'm putting it into the bank for right now until I can figure out what to do with it," she announced anxiously.

The other players could not confirm what they would be spending their US Lotto jackpot on either - as they were still coming to terms with the surprise win.

Such is the nature of the lottery, and such is the nature of playing the world famous Mega Millions lottery game. Find the Mega Millions alongside other top world lottery games like US Powerball, EuroMillions, UK Lotto and much more when playing through the PlayUSALotteries.com online lotto resource. The trusted, reliable worldwide lotto vendor specializes in offering nothing but the best online lottery playing experience, coupled with astounding jackpot prizes offered from the world's best games gathered from four continents.

Now whether you play online as a group in a syndicate or just as an individual is entirely up to you, but make no mistake that with your simple online registration you are afforded the best odds of a jackpot win, in the safest and most secure environment when opting to play lottery online with PlayUSALotteries.com now!

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